• deccan odyssey luxury train
  • deccan odyssey luxury train
  • deccan odyssey luxury train
  • deccan odyssey luxury train

Deccan Odessy Train Tour

The Deccan Odyssey's sheer luxury is a sight to behold. deccan odyssey luxury trainEverything in the train reflects the ways of Indian Roytitley. The plush interiors, an awesome cuisine and grate sites to see makes the journey memorable. This luxurious train transports its guests on a remarkable sojourn of a land shining in legions grandeur - serene beaches, magnificent forts - palaces and experiencing divine tales etched in colossal rocks. A weeklong royal journey is through some of the best places in Maharashtra namely Mumbai, Sindhudurg, Tarkarli, Goa, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ellora, Chandrapur (Tadoba Wildlife), Wardha (Sevagram), Ajanta and Nasik. The objective of running "The Deccan Odyssey" train is primarily to showcase the best of tourism assets of Maharashtra like pristine beauty of Konkan coast, the art, the culture, the wildlife, the heritage (including world heritage sites of Ajanta - Ellora) of Maharashtra as well as Maharashtra's local arts, crafts and cuisine.

The train has 21 coaches, out of which 13 are passenger cars accommodating 8 people per coach (11 passenger Cars, 4 coupes per coach - 2 Presidential Suite Cars, 2 coupes per coach), 1 Conference Car, 2 Dinning Cars, 2 Generator Cars with Luggage Store, 1 Staff, spare Car, 1 Spa Car, 1 Bar Car. The train has on-board facilities like T.V., Cable connection with central audio disc player, cell phones, Channel Music, Foreign exchange facilities, etc. The present capacity of the train is 80 pax

Single Occupancy
US $ 650
Double Occupancy
US $ 500
Triple Occupancy
US $ 425
Child(5yr to 11 Yr)
US $ 250
Deccan Odessy Tour Itinerary:

The route has been fixed as Mumbai - Sindhudurg - Goa - Kolhapur - Aurangabad(Ellora) - Chandrapur (Tadoba Wildlife Sancturary)- Wardha (Sevagram)- Jalgaon(Ajanta) - Nashik and Mumbai. It will be a seven days round trip starting on every Wednesday from Mumbai. The seasonal tours will operate every year between October to April month. The itinerary of the tour is broadly as follows:

Day 1 - Mumbai
Day 2 - Sindhudurg Nagari
Day 3 - Goa
Day 4 - Kolhapur- New Palace, Museum, Bhavani Mandap Mahalaxmi Temple - Shalini Palace.
Day 5 - Aurangabad-Daulatabad-Ellora Caves-Bibi-ka-Maqbara
Day 6 - Chandrapur (Tadoba) & Wardha (Sevagram)
Day 7 - Ajanta Caves / Nasik
Day 8 - Mumbai.

Tour Sheduled Dates :
29-Sep-10 3-Nov-10 5-Jan-11 12-Jan-11 16-Feb-11 9-Mar-11 30-Mar-11 20-Apr-11

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