• India Camping tour
  • India Camping tour
  • India Camping tour
  • India Camping tour

Camping in India

Camping in India is the perfect way to enjoy the beauties of nature. The Himalayan region is a famous camping site is India, which offers a wide range of camping facilities. The green environs, charming countryside climate and tranquil atmosphere of Himalayan region spellbound every one. In fact Camping on the snow-covered mountains thousands of feet above sea level provide an out of world experience.

There are numerous options to take part in various adventure and leisure camping activities in these regions. Our team member has combined camping and comfort and created luxurious Swiss Cottage style tents in vast open hillsides. You can enjoy a "leisurely adventure holiday" in the lap of nature in our camps and opt for short treks, nature walks, safaris and river rafting in the surrounding mountains and rivers.

Beach Camping – Just imagine waking up to the sounds of gently-lolling waves. This is possible only with a beach camping in India package. You will be delightfully-amazed with the fabulous beach camp facilities offered at places like Mandavi and Goa.

Wildlife Camping - enjoy a different kind of camping in India experience with wildlife camping. Individuals and groups can choose to explore nature while trekking or simply enjoy the breathtaking surroundings offered by camping sites.

Desert Camping - for a unique camping in India treat, choose desert camping. This camping package allows campers to glimpse life in the desert. With the ever-changing landscape and rugged terrains, you will surely take with you unforgettable memories

General Camping - perfect for families and first time campers, this camping in India package provide a choice of camp sites with built-in accommodation. To make your camping even more convenient, most camps are quite organized but still allow for exciting adventures and fun-filled activities.

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